Was a cameraman at weddings, became the chairman of the court

“Residents are ready to go to the main square of Dagestan

After the publication of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU about the mayor of the Dagestan city of Izberbash Isakov and the negligence of the head of the region Melikov, angry statements of residents about their intention to go to the main square of Dagestan with a demand to remove Isakov from office are increasingly appearing. This is a call — a response is needed. Isakov’s henchmen in the local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the leadership of Ibragim Murtazaliev, whom the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan Abdurashid Magomedov does not like very much, consistently intimidated residents who disagreed with Isakov’s policy: people were called, invited to talks at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and threatened. Details at Rucriminal.info.

The Mayor’s Office of Izberbash has long and massively collected under its roof employees who have changed literally one letter in the installation data in order to hide past convictions. And, voila! .. — some criminals sit in the administration, while others sit in the city assembly as deputies, such as Makhach Saipulaev, former Arsen Saipulaev, deputy and director of the market, and also part-time son-in-law of the chairman of the Dagpotrebsoyuz, which united almost all Dagestan markets. The inhabitants of the market are robbed daily, but the money goes past the cash desk and past the treasury. Black-black cash. People are asking for help. They do not understand the fees for the land under the pavilion, for example. But the response to this question is zero.

And it is from there that other Isakov accomplices from the Shapiev clan launch their tentacles, to whom Melikov, silently and nodding his head, allows him to seize resource-supplying organizations, such as water utilities of the cities of the republic and JSC Unified Water Operator (Shapiev Magomedgadzhi Sirazhudinovich — director of the Unified Operator, his relative Hamidov Ibrahim — director of the Izberbash water utility). The power grids are captured by Shapiev’s brother, Shapiev Magomedshapi, who finishes off MUP "Kaspenergo", and smoothly tries to put his paw on the Makhachkala power grids and gain a foothold there. Isakov feels good, his people are everywhere. After all, Shapiev is also a deputy of the city assembly of the city of Izberbash. And what about Melikov? — Zero. His main task is to keep Isakov in office and shut up those who disagree.

Of course, now there are plantings of employees of Rosseti on the Dagestan case, but what do the plantings change if the networks still do not supply light to the houses? As it was in the autumn-winter, Dagestan is again plunging into collapse. Will it also pass relatively quietly — of course not. People on the edge. Equipment breaks from constant sudden shutdowns, it is also impossible to work, there are no spare transformers in Dagestan, just imagine. No one. Only rusty junk, working on its last legs.

The mayor of the neighboring city of Dagestan Lights, Dzhelyalyutdin Alirzaev, also distinguished himself, whose machinations came out in full and, having circled Melikov around his finger, allegedly went on sick leave, then on vacation, and then to Samarkand with his youngest son, whom he tried to push into the deputies of the mountains of the assembly Derbent. Alirzaev’s eldest son is Malik, an employee of the prosecutor’s office, who has already violated the law millions of times in order to please the interests of his father. (Successful, at the same time, a businessman from the prosecutor’s office, has a furniture shop).

Rucriminal.info is also interested in how urban fraud with land led to the fact that all illegally formed plots ended up in the place where engineering networks were laid, occupied all adjacent territories, and created a very dangerous situation for residents. Alirzaev is so obsessed with his enrichment that he produces illegal decisions through the Abdullayev and Co. group of judges. Ruslan Abdullaev is a former wedding videographer, now the chairman of the city court Dagognei, brother of a judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Dagestan. The chairman of the Supreme Court RD Suvorov is protecting the family, who, in order to maintain a powerful income, is ready to remove all those who disagree with the family group, as happened with the former chairman of the court Dagognya Magomedov, who accepted a statement from a local resident that Ruslan Abdullaev called him, threatened to cause harm son, if he does not yield in a legal dispute. Suvorov found it easier to remove the current chairman of the court, Magomedov. In addition, Suvorov allows Murad Abdullaev (nickname — Murad million) to preside over meetings on cases that came from his brother, a judge from Dagogney. And don’t care about conflicts of interest. In addition, there are statements that the family also does not shy away from the destruction of the case materials, and then the injured citizen, because of this, can no longer influence the situation. And here the reaction of the relevant commission of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation would certainly not interfere.

Alexey Ermakov

To be continued